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Electric Control Panels


PCC Control Panel

Power Control Center is used for distribution and control of various power source used in industry. This is the first point where power comes from Transformer and DG. Normally Power Control Center is installed near power source hence needs to be adequately designed with high tolerance for Bus bar, support, cooling, switchgear etc. Our design ensure sufficient space for cable termination. By default, we incorporate, various protections viz short circuit, overload, earth fault, under voltage etc, to ensure smooth functioning and protection for source and equipment.


  • Protection of electrical and mechanical systems.

  • Measurement & Controlling of different Electrical Parameters.

  • Controlling of different applications.

  • Power distribution to the electrical systems/machines.

  • Isolation of the electrical system.

MCC Control Panel

MCC Panel, receives power from PCC panel and give power to different sections of Plant / Building. It consists of feeders for motors, blowers and Pumps. Feeders are designed according to the motor rating.

We at AIPC manufacture MCC Panels with adequate design tolerances, to ensure smooth installation and future maintenance.

  • Improved process efficiency.

  • Reduced space, commissioning and start up time.

  • Superior motor protection.

  • Reduced unscheduled downtimes.

  • Cost effective approach in reducing maintenance and saving time.

  • Optimized productivity.

  • Intelligent communication with PLC, DCS and BMS.


APFC Control Panel

APFC Panels are mainly used for the improvement of Power Factor. Power Factor can be explained as ratio between true power and actual power flowing through the circuit.

To achieve unity power factor AUTOMATIC POWER FACTOR CONTROL PANEL is used.

Automatic Power Factor Controller, consists of capacitor banks which are added to the circuit as and when required.

We are offering a wide range of APFC Panels having capability of saving maximum power and energy. Our Highly efficient APFC Panels save energy by accurately monitoring the reactive power in power systems. Our APFC panels are Fabricated using quality material and consists capacitors with series reactors that helps in minimizing the harmonic current.

LT Control Panel

LT Panel is an electrical distribution board that receives power from generator or transformer and distributes the same to various electronic devices and distribution boards. Such panels are used in industries both for internal and external use and, therefore, they are quite rugged to withstand different climatic conditions.

Our LT panels are designed to work with low electricity consumption that makes them cost effective. Design and conceptualization based on Client specifications


AMF Control Panel

Auto Main Failure Panels, also known as AMF panels, are used to automatically changeover from mains electricity supply to stand-by generator or gen set on failure of the mains supply. When the mains supply is restored, the system automatically changes back and stops the gen set. The stand-by generator will be eventually shut down after a short cooling down period.


We design, engineer and manufacture Automatic as well as Manual Changeover Panels for Mains and standby generator power supply applications as well as for applications having dual power supply. These panels use circuit breakers or motorized changeover switches to power your infrastructure during a mains failure.

PLC Control Panel

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) control panels or also known as PLC Automation Panels are one of the most important and efficient kinds of control panels. Which are generally used in variety of electronic and electrical circuit fittings. We offer configurable PLC panels that provide flexible, reliable, and affordable automation control for any industrial, manufacturing, or production process application. PLC Control Panels we manufacture are highly capable of giving higher output at less power consumption. Integrated with solid PLC logic and flawless PLC hardware programming.


DG Synchronising Panel

DG Synchronizing panels are used where the power requirement is not uniform but increases or decreases as per process demand. We design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of DG synchronization panel which comes complete with Controlling & Protection Relays capable of synchronizing of more than one DG sets / with Mains & DG and with necessary protections. This panel is manufactured using quality components and the latest control system. we offer this DG Synchronization panel in various technical specifications at affordable prices.

Heat Control Panel

Our organization holds expertise in offering an exclusive range of Infrared or Electric Heaters Thyristor Control Panel to our clients, which is available in numerous specifications. our thyristor heater control panels are designed and built at customers requirement. Electrical control panels for industrial heaters can be simple panels for just controlling one heating zone or more complex panels with several different heating zones. All control panels include the temperature controller and the power controller (such as relaySSR or Thyristor).

ac drive.png

AC Drive Control Panel

We offer highly efficient and excellent quality VFD Power Panels that are specially designed by our experts keeping in mind the evolving needs of our clients. We understand VFD very well so we also take care of heat dissipation while designing these panels for better life of VFD and less cost of air-conditioning for long and trouble free operation. We have reduced air-conditioning cost in several power co-generation projects, by special panel designing.

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