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Special Purpose Machines

At AIPC, we also create products which are made-to-order for our valuable customers. These Special Purpose Machines are designed with close collaboration with our client. Our employees work tirelessly to meticulously create a niche product that fulfils our customers’ specific demands.

Below are a few of the projects our customers have contracted us to build.

code 1.png

Rubber Cooling Batch Machine with Coating and Marking Code.

Suitable for high-capacity rubber production. This machine is mainly used for cooling and coating the rubber sheet, post extrusion process.


Machine comprises of:

  • Cooling Section

  • SS Water Tank

  • marking code section


Marking Code device with letter block auto changing function. Rubber cooling Batch of Machine consists a group of fans, the quantity of fan is designed according to the actual requirement.

Pizza Oven

AIPC has pioneered Pizza Oven Technology using dual heating technology for effective and quick Pizza output.

  • SS Hybrid Conveyorized Pizza Oven with IR-Electric Heaters

  • Stainless Steel 304 body and belt.

  • Temperature Control

  • Variable Speed

  • Customized as per customer’s requirements.

bench 1.png

Wet Bench

Typically, a wet bench is a fully automated process tool used to carry out wet cleaning and etching operations in semiconductor manufacturing or other high technology products. They can be designed for acid or solvent processing. Benches commonly include several tanks each containing either cleaning or etching solutions and deionized water in a rinsing tank. A drying module is often included in a wet bench.

Chemical Batch Weighing Machine

Chemical Batch Weighing system is used for storing chemicals and automatically opening them as per programmable logic. Its application is to open lid of right chemicals as per recipe, to enable operator pick correct material for batching to maintain the quality of product.


This helps in avoiding human error and reduce Manpower to track/ Record data of recipe & ingredients for future traceability.


It is used in wide range of industries that include Rubber, Medicine etc.


Our offered Chemical Batch weighing system is available in various customized options as per client’s requirements.


An auto weighing machine used for batching System comprises of:

  • Storage bins (capacity varies as per customer requirements)

  • PLC panel & SCADA monitoring facility

  • HMI & Weighing scale with trolley 

  • The pricing is based on nature, size & number of chemicals.

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