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MS & SS Fabrication

SS & MS Fabrication Works, forms core of most of our products and we also do this as a standalone work for our customers.


These items are used in diverse applications by the clients. We can customize the services in compliance with various specifications and dimensions provided by the clients. Besides, these services can also be customized in size, shape, raw material, and design.

ms fence.png

MS Fencing

Industrial robots are powerful and therefore dangerous impacts and crashes need to be prevented by keeping safe distance between moving robot and the operator.


Our Machinery Fencing systems are designed to keep your working environment safe and productive

A variety of panels, locks and doors complement our safety fence for optimal machine guarding.



  • Easy to handle, robust, safe

  • Anti-climbing

  • The vertical mesh slots ensure excellent visibility of the machinery

SS Header

We manufacture and sell Air headers. All our products are made from high grade materials and advanced technology. We also customize the products as per the client’s need. Our ranges are known exclusively for their designs, flexibility in usage.

ss header.png
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