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Oven Accessories

AIPC also manufactures Accessories, used for your industrial heating needs.


Following are some things, which are available for your needs.


Thyristor Controller

Power controller used for electric heating applications. These controller helps to produce a closely controlled heater temperature which saves energy, increases heating life by holding heater element at a nearly constant temperature.

Module for Infrared (IR) Heaters

We offer modules for IR Heaters these products in various dimensions, specifications, voltages, and outputs for the clients to select according to their requirements. Short Wave Infrared Modules are advantageous to the user while installing it to the existing application and to the planning and project engineers.

ir module.png
ir heater.png

Electric & Infrared (IR) Heaters

We provide all type of heaters. Some of the types we offer are:

  • Electric heaters

  • Short wave heaters

  • Medium wave heater

  • Ceramic heaters

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