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Specialised Ovens

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Heat Bank

We provide heater banks for electrical heating to condition supply air in commercial and industrial applications. The heater banks have been designed for easy installation. The heater banks are available with a range of heating capacities to suite the desired heating requirements with option of thermal insulation and thermal cut-off device.

Apart from the previously mentioned Ovens, AIPC also manufactures different types of customized Heating Systems.

Water Heating System for PU Mould

Water based Mould temperature controllers are used to bring a mould to an operating temperature and maintain the set temperature by either heating or cooling. The benefits are

  • Preheating the mould to production temperature

  • Optimisation of the cycle time

  • Improves product finish

  • Reduced reject rate particularly during machine start up

water heater.png

Silicon Mould Shaping Machine

Oven For Moulding PVC /Silicone, used for Keychain, Tags & Label with Pneumatic controls.


This can be customised as per customer's requirement. 

Welding Electrode Drying Oven

These ovens used to remove dampness from the welding electrodes, as moisture in electrode adversely affects quality of welding. The Portable Electrode drying oven can heat and restore the electrodes to their original condition.

ir outdoor.png

IR Module for Outdoors/Warehouse

  • Rugged Body Construction

  • Completely Factory Assembled & Tested

  • Saves Installation Time & Money

  • Ideal For Large Buildings, Aircraft Hangars, Warehouses, Steel Mills, Industrial Heating Applications

Movable Car Paint Drying IR System

IR automatic paint dryer is used in body paint drying processes in the automotive industry. It uses short-wave infrared technology. Following are benefits:

  • Reduce drying time and Lamination time

  • Quick drying of paint.

Car paint dryers do not harm the quality and chemical structure of the paint

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