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Batch Ovens

Industrial Batch ovens are used in multiple industries for various Industrial uses. Rather this is the oldest form of Oven used in industries, before invention of conveyorized ovens etc.


Batch Ovens are used to carry out a variety of activities like drying, annealing, composite curing, powder coating, preheating etc. across multiple industries like Automobile, Rubber, Food, Glass, other manufacturing industries.


We specialize in manufacturing ovens which is customized for your needs. Our ovens can be designed and used for multiple purposes starting from Curing, Drying, Ageing, Lab Purpose.

curing 1.png

Curing/Ageing/Drying Ovens

Curing and Ageing batch ovens are type of batch ovens used in a specific type of process, like

  • Rubber Curing

  • Plastic Shaping

  • Food Processing

  • Paint Drying and Curing.

  • Other Industrial processes

Lab Oven

Lab Ovens are typically used for testing of samples, small drying or curing activities. Lab ovens typically needs rugged build typically to tackle various type of needs and testings and it should have flexible compartment. AIPC Ovens design by default takes care of following

  • Temperature Accuracy,

  • User Friendly Controls

  • Built in Timer for controlling the testing cycle.

  • Rugged Corrosion Free Construction.


Humidity Control Oven

Humidity Ovens are another form of Lab Ovens, with option to control humidity also. The basic features of Humidity Ovens are following

  • Flexible Temp Control

  • Flexible Humidity Control

  • Timer Control to control cycle time

  • Double Door offering flexibility to view without impacting cycle

  • SS inner structure for long life.


Infrared (IR) Batch Oven

AIPC brought in concept of IR drying in Batch ovens. Infrared Batch ovens are primarily used to provide focused and pointed heating on product and thereby reducing processing time and hence saving electricity and time both, which equate to Monetary benefits.

Prime applications for infrared Batch ovens can be:

  • Pre-heating,

  • Glue activating,

  • drying, fusing,

  • Shaping

  • annealing, and curing

ir batch.png

Infrared (IR) Prosthetics Oven (For Prosthetic Limbs)

AIPC designed Prosthetics Oven with Infrared. The system is used for softening of Polypropylene sheets and tubes, which are used to form prosthetic Limbs, by using Infrared Heating. This concept provides following benefit to customers:

  • 3 times increase in speed of heating

  • Reduction in energy consumption

  • Reduction in over all process time

  • Better product output.

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