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Textile Screen Printing-Drying System
IR Flasher/Conveyorised Dryer

stand flasher.png

Flasher Cure Unit/Stand Flasher

AIPC provide energy-efficient Infrared flash dryers units to flash cure screen printed ink on t-shirts, garments, and textiles. This Flasher Unit works with both automatic and manual presses.


  • Its lamps are divided into different zones,

  • Flash-cure duration can be controlled by a digital timer.

  • Double fans to blow hot air for quick drying.

  • Adjustable Drying height up to 300mm adjust range up and down.

  • Easy to move with 4 wheels.

AIPC also manufactures screen-printing flash units, flash dryers and spot cure units for the Textile industry, which are ideal for drying ink on fabric. We also manufacture Conveyor dryers using electric heat or Infrared to cure plastisol or water base textile screen printing inks.

Table/Portable Flasher

Portable Flashers are used for Fabric painting units who are using long tables for ink curing on fabric. The unit consist of IR heaters & is controlled by a control box mounted over the unit. This unit comes with timer, which stops the flasher after pre-defined time of exposure to cloth.

  • Less weight, portable.

  • Easy to lift and place Ideal for table printing.

  • IR lamps can be operated independently or in combination.

  • Movable castors are optional.

  • Different sizes are available.

portable flasher.png
conveyor dryer.png

IR Conveyor Dryer

It is suitable for drying various kinds of textile printing ink such as plastic ink, silica gel printing ink Paste and water-based ink. IR Conveyor Dryer are easy to handle one to one T-Shirt Printing process and drying of Oversize Designs. Heat Intensity, speed of conveyor, entry and exit height, Length, width are adjustable.

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